Dermolab Pharma provides customer-driven manufacturing services of the highest quality with products designed to meet and exceed its customers' current and evolving expectations.

Dermolab Pharma is a comprehensive team of professionals committed to answering their clientele's particular needs, and is governed by the International GMP       (Good Manufacturing practices) standards. This includes staying on the cutting edge of the specific standards governing pharmaceutical, natural health and cosmetic products.

We are determined to achieve success as a service company by demonstrating unfailing loyalty towards both our clients and suppliers, and — as a sub-contractor — providing the very best price-quality ratio.

Our Mission

Through unparalleled scientific thoroughness and know-how, become an industry leader in the manufacturing of pharmaceutical, cosmetics and nutraceutical brands.

Our Vision

To make our mark as a service company that demonstrates unfailing loyalty towards both its customers and suppliers, and that as a sub-contractor, provides the very best quality/price ratio in the fields of pharmaceutical, natural health products and cosmetic products.

Our Values